General / Databases / Collections

  • Orthoptera Species File Online (OSF): a taxonomic database of the world's Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets), both living and fossil, by David C. Eades and Daniel Otte (English).
  • DORSA: specimen database of the major German Orthoptera collections including types, images and sounds (English).
  • SYSTAX: database of biological collections in Germany (botany and zoology); holds the results of the DORSA project (English & German).
  • BIODAT (specimen database of the Zoological Researchmuseum Alexander Koenig in Bonn): contains among others the completely digitised Orthoptera collection (English & German).
  • GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility): integrates data on biodiversity from different databases worldwide in a single portal (English).
  • CSCF (Centre Suisse de Cartographie de la Faune): Distribution maps of the Orthoptera of Switzerland  (English).
  • Entomologen der Welt: database of the biography of entomologists and the whereabouts of entomological collections by the DEI (German).
  • Tree of Life Projekt (Orthoptera): provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history, and characteristics (English).
  • Orthoptera: general informationen on Orthoptera by the University of Delaware (English).
  • Singing Insects of North America: comprehensive information on crickets, katydis and cicadas by Thomas J. Walker (crickets and katydids) and Thomas E. Moore (cicadas) (English).
  • Wissenswertes über Geradflügler: facts worth knowing and odds from the world of orthopteroid insects (German).
  • Mantis (a manager for taxonomic information and specimens) by Piotr Naskrecki (English).
  • Informationen: Simple description of Orthoptera (German).
  • Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht: Information on the Orthoptera collection in the Natural History Museum Maastricht (Dutch).


last modified: 31.08.2008