Tettigonioidea (katydids, bush-crickets, camel crickets)

Grylloidea (crickets and mole crickets)
  • Singing Insects of North America: comprehensive information on crickets, katydis and cicadas (English).
  • Crickets of Florida: a checklist by Thomas J. Walker with links to Singing Insects of North America (English).
  • Mole crickets: information on mole crickets in the USA and their control (available as CD); University of Florida (English).

Tetrigoidea (ground hoppers)
  • Tetrigidae: basic information on and a checklist of the Tetrigidae of the world by Hendrik Devriese (English).
  • Paratettix freygesneri: Tetrigidae as food for swallows in Cuba (Spanish)
  • Tetrigiden Russland: comprehensive information including sounds made by tetrigids (!) by Alexander Benediktov (Russian).

Acridoidea (grasshoppers and locusts)


last modified: 31.08.2008